Ep. 049 - Financial Journalist Felix Salmon is a Curmudgeon and a Baker

This week is another example of how the podcasting world really is like a small fraternity/sorority where hosts often appear on each other’s shows.

Today it’s Felix Salmon, host of the Slate Money podcast, joining us on Better Off. If you’re not familiar with Felix, I think the best way to describe him is as a contrarian and/or curmudgeon...something he happily admits!

I’m a big Felix fan and have been reading (he did stints at Reuters, Portfolio Magazine and Euromoney) and listening to him for quite some time so I had a list of topics to cover, including:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Active versus passive investing
  • His ongoing relationship with Anthony Scaramucci
  • The student loan crisis
  • What’s next for the US economy

In addition to hosting Slate Money, Felix is currently the editor of Cause and Effect. Because we had so much fun, the interview went a bit long which means no caller this episode. But fear not! We’ll be back to our regular format next week.

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