#358 - Financial Journalist Felix Salmon is a Curmudgeon and a Baker

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Okay, on to the show.  We started hour one with Ari from NYC, a physician who has done a great job of saving for retirement but is a little concerned about his asset allocation.  Next up was Dianne in Portland who was wondering if she and her husband need to consult with a financial advisor.  Two great calls to start the show.  

This week is another example of how the radio and podcasting world really is like a small fraternity/sorority where hosts often appear on each other’s shows.

Today it’s Felix Salmon, host of the Slate Money podcast, joining us. If you’re not familiar with Felix, I think the best way to describe him is as a contrarian and/or curmudgeon…something he happily admits!

I’m a big Felix fan and have been reading (he did stints at Reuters, Portfolio Magazine and Euromoney) and listening to him for quite some time so I had a list of topics to cover, including:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Active versus passive investing
  • His ongoing relationship with Anthony Scaramucci
  • The student loan crisis
  • What’s next for the US economy

In addition to hosting Slate Money, Felix is currently the editor of Cause and Effect

If you want some good laughs and top notch commentary, follow Felix on Twitter.

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