Consumer Reports Autos + Housing Market and Saving for Retirement

We started off this week with Gretchen in Charlotte. She and her husband know they want to sell their home but are wondering if they should just do it or should they wait and try to time the housing market? If you're a regular listener, you know where I'm coming down on this one! 

Next up was Al in Detroit. Recently married, Al wants to make sure that he and his wife are doing all they can to prepare for retirement. Little did Al know that I would tell him to cash in one of his accounts! 

We finished up hour one with the great email purge of 2018.

If you live in a big city, it can be easy to forget what it’s like to depend on a car. Urbanites tend to walk, take the subway or bus, ride a bicycle, or hop in a cab to get virtually everywhere.

But I grew up in the suburbs and know the vast majority of you listening to this show have a deep, personal relationship with your car. After all, next to your home, your car is one of the biggest assets you’ll purchase in life, which is why you are likely to have a ton of questions that need to be answered. 

Where does one turn to learn the best car buying tips? Today we have Mike Quincy, Automotive Content Specialist at Consumer Reports, one of the pros behind all things car-related at the magazine. 

Mike may have the coolest job in the world. He gets to race, I mean drive, basically every car imaginable around a test track and then write the reviews you read...a dream job for a total car geek. With almost 30 years under his belt, Mike has the answers to the most-frequently asked car questions:

  • Buy or lease?
  • Sedan or SUV?
  • Which model has the best crash test ratings?
  • Do I need to buy the extended warranty?
  • Which manufacturers should I avoid?

So as you hit the road and fantasize about a new set of wheels, this episode is a must listen before you walk into that dealership.

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