MarketSnacks with Nick Martell and Jack Kramer

The financial world isn’t an easy one to navigate. It’s complicated and often full of unnecessary jargon. So the easier we can make it for everybody to digest, the BETTER OFF (pun intended!) we’ll all be. That’s why when I find like-minded people who want to demystify money-related topics, I immediately ask them to be guests on the show.

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Nick Martell and Jack Kramer spent their early days working in finance but quickly realized something was missing. It wasn’t they wanted to do. So they started side hustling, while still working at two different Wall Street banks.

Over a couple beers one day after work, they figured it out. They wanted to create something that provided easy to understand finance content, the kind they wished they had while preparing for finance interviews in college.

One thing led to another and eventually the guys came up with MarketSnacks, the digestible daily newsletter that simplifies Wall Street by filtering out the noise and explaining what's important in one bite-sized snack – clear, condensed, and entertaining.

On the heels of their successful newsletter, Nick and Jack recently launched the MarketSnacks Daily podcast, a daily show that focuses on the digestible business stories you'll actually care about.

Yet another example of how the side hustle can pay off. Figure out what it is you want to do and find a way to make it happen!

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