Retirement Plan Options + A Large Inheritance

Happy Fourth of July weekend! Or was it last weekend? Or is it this weekend? Whatever the case, the show goes on.

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This weekend we kick things off with young Nicole from Seattle who just started a job at a local university and has a decision to make when it comes to her retirement plan. A traditional 401(k) or a defined benefit pension plan which only kicks in after she's been there for ten years? It's a tough call to make. 

Next up was Sharon from Michigan. She and her husband just inherited $400,000. What should they do with it? Pay off some debt? Invest it? 

Hour two this week features an interview with my pal and retirement guru, Mark Miller. No stranger to writing books, Mark was on to chat about his latest project, Jolt: Stories of Trauma and Transformation

Having interviewed dozens of people over the years who are hell-bent on changing their lives and careers to focus on work with more purpose and meaning, Mark began to notice a pattern: many leap-of-faith transformations begin with unforeseen traumatic life events.

Mark decided to think of these high-voltage bolts out of the blue as jolts — painful events that stop people in their tracks and then thrust them toward positive change.

The death of a child. Life-threatening illness. Plane crashes. Terror attacks. Natural disasters. Some of us never fully recover from unimaginable traumas like these, but some not only survive—they bounce back to thrive and grow.

Jolt tells the stories of people transformed by trauma, and the new paths that they pursue.

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