A Large Financial Windfall and Disability Insurance

Digging out from under our pile of calls and emails has been a struggle all year long, and there’s really no end in sight. It’s definitely a good problem to have and one that will certainly lead to more shows like today’s episode that only features questions from you, our fabulous listeners!

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First up this week was Lisa from the Bay Area who is having a terribly hard time getting disability insurance. She’s young, healthy, has a good job...so what’s the issue? Wait till you hear this one.

After Lisa we jumped into a variety of emails. We talked about saving for a house downpayment versus saving for retirement, transferring a 401(k) into an annuity (NO!!!), the benefits of using a Roth 401(k) and a Roth IRA, and the best places for short-term investments.

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After the emails we went back to the phones and took an inheritance call from Jenny in Seattle. We’ve been taking listener calls for just about eight years now...I can easily say that this will go down as one of the most memorable calls in the history of my podcast and radio show. Me writing about it will do it no justice so you’re going to have to listen. It was incredible.

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