Retirement Planning and Mastering the Market Cycle


Hello 2019! This is year number eight of Jill on Money. Boy oh boy does time fly when you’re having fun.

We begin this week just like we do every other week…by answering your questions. We’re kicking off the first episode of the year with two very different retirement planning questions from Lee in Germany and Mitch in California.

It’s always a treat when we have a real Wall Street legend in the studio, and that’s the case in hour two as we chat with Howard Marks, author of Mastering the Market Cycle: Getting the Odds on Your Side.

As co-chairman and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, Howard Marks oversees a leading investment firm responsible for over $120 billion in assets.

We all know markets rise and fall, but when should you pull out, and when should you stay in? The answer is never black or white, but is best reached through a keen understanding of the reasons behind the rhythm of cycles.

Confidence about where we are in a cycle comes when you learn the patterns of ups and downs that influence not just economics, markets and companies, but also human psychology and the investing behaviors that result.

If you study past cycles, understand their origins and remain alert for the next one, you will become keenly attuned to the investment environment as it changes.

By following Marks’s insights, which are drawn from his memorable memos to clients, you might find yourself recognizing these recurring patterns to help with your own financial gain and psychological benefit.

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