Should I Diversify?

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We start the show this week with Pam from Texas who is already retired and wondering if it makes sense to start converting some of her traditional IRA assets?

Next up was Ann from Colorado who falls under the category of real estate rich and cash poor. Ann is making a killing in real estate, but she’s definitely in need of some diversification.

In hour two I’m joined by Dave Stachowiak, a long distance friend of mine (we still haven’t met in person!) and host of the popular Coaching for Leaders podcast, a show aimed at helping you discover leadership wisdom through insightful conversations.

The workplace landscape is full of people wondering:

  • What am I supposed to do to create a vision for my team?

  • How do I get better feedback from my stakeholders?

  • Where do I start in holding a difficult employee accountable?

  • When's the right time to make the next move in my career?

  • How can I successfully manage my former peers?

If that describes you, there is hope, as it's a myth that leadership skills can't be learned.

Almost nobody is a born leader. Most leaders learn how to lead through the school of hard knocks, good training, years of hard work, effective coaching, and great mentors.

It’s no surprise that the most effective leaders have always known that investing in their leadership skills will pay off, big time. That's why many leaders have invested in coaching, executive MBA programs, and conferences.

We all have the potential. Anyone can learn to lead teams, companies, non-profits, and especially their own family.

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