Are We on Track for Retirement?

A little housekeeping before we get started:

My very first book came out this past week!!! I’m so excited and grateful for all the support I’ve received along the way. Here’s a quick clip from CBS This Morning that dives into the details of what it’s all about:

I you want a copy, you can order it HERE.

Now onto the show…

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We kicked things off this week with Sean from Houston. With two grown kids out of the picture, Sean wanted to know if he and his wife are on track for retirement. Are they doing enough or should they be doing more?

Next up was Roger from Buffalo. Thanks to a few defined benefit plans, and some great savings along the way, Roger and his wife are in amazing shape. They definitely get the gold star of the day.

Just like we’ve been doing, hour two was nothing but listener emails as we continue to get bombarded.

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