#219 The Real Estate Show


Spring has finally sprung and we are celebrating by giving you an overview of the 2015 housing market. Our two guests, Ilyce Glink and Billy Wright, have advice for buyers and sellers and tips about how to navigate the process without losing your mind!

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Ilyce is an award-winning, nationally syndicated columnist, television guest and radio talk show host - you can check out her great information on her website, ThinkGlink.

After providing an  overview of the current market, Ilyce also reminded us that the government's HARP and HAMP plans to help struggling homeowners were both extended. Ilyce has great tips for buyers and sellers in these three books:

Billy Wright of Par East Mortgage Company in East Hampton, NY says that with interest rates still at low levels, the mortgage market is heating up. Even those with once-shaky credit are able to borrow again, though it still remains tough for small business owners.

Howard asked about whether he should use reverse mortgage and Ron needed clarification about emergency reserve funds.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week, especially Mark, the Best Producer in the World. Here's how to contact us:

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