#223 Exploring Robo Advisors with Betterment's Eli Broverman


For years, small investors have complained that the big firms don’t want their business and when they do, it’s often expensive. Not anymore…There’s been a revolution in the financial advice business, which could help. It’s not a WHO, but a WHAT… automated systems are replacing humans! They’re called ROBO-ADVISORS and we have one of the industry's stars--Betterment co-founder and COO Eli Broverman to explore this amazing trend.

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Eli explains how Betterment works and why he has embraced the pejorative ROBO ADVISOR. If you are wondering if robo is for you, check out my post here.

As stocks stage another run at records, Mike is concerned about a downturn, which would give back a lot of the fantastic returns he has seen over the past six years. What should he do?

Nancy is a widow in her late fifties and still working. Should she re-fi her 30 yr mortgage? We also answered Mary's estate question about rolling over a spouse's retirement account and Mike's titling issue around his deceased in-law's.

Mary's husband will retire by the end of the year and has to make a pension election-what is the best choice for them?

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