#237 Surviving Market Volatility with Michael Goodman


Have the recent market swings freaked you out? Listen to the wisdom of CPA and CFP Michael Goodman and you will likely feel a lot better. Michael is the President of Wealthstream Advisors and began his career in financial services as a CPA, before opening the doors to his own financial planning and investment management firm.

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When those white-knuckle market gyrations occur, Michael says go back to the basics and remind yourself why you are investing and what your long terms goals are. He also makes the case that some people do not need advisors and can go it on their own.

Allison's husband is in the market for disability insurance, but when we were able to dive into the details of their lives, it became clear that there were many more issues than DI!

Brian needed advice about how to maximize his retirement plan contributions and Paul asked about consolidating retirement accounts.

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