#245 The Pre-Pre Thanksgiving Show


It's the weekend before the weekend before Thanksgiving and we are answering your financial questions! Before we got going, we needed to discuss some ramifications of the recently signed budget deal. For those who were planning to execute one of the interesting Social Security strategies that we have discussed here, listen up!

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Congress has decided to close perceived “loopholes” in the Social Security rules and has killed off the “File and Suspend” strategy, which allow spousal and dependent benefits to be paid while still earning delayed retirement credits AND, it will no longer be possible to file a restricted application for just spousal benefits.

According to SS expert and JOM guest Mary Beth Franklin, "existing beneficiaries are grandfathered. So are those who are 66 with the next six months. Gone after that. Restricted claim for spousal benefits will still be available at 66 for those who are 62 or older by the end of this year. Gone for people who are younger. Oh well...

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