#271 Will the Market Crash if Trump is Elected?


Investors spend a lot of time worrying about the market implications of the political season. Guest Taylor Tepper, who is a writer at Money, says that's a mistake. Despite all of the worries about a Trump presidency, Taylor says that the stock market will NOT crash if Donald Trump were elected president. That's just one of the topics we covered in a great conversation that ranged from market implications of elections to the national debt, to a lightning round on how to reform the U.S. tax code.

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I met Taylor through my work at Money, where we have shot some great videos, including this one on the Department of Labor Fiduciary rule, this one about working in retirement and the one about bonds can be riskier than you think, which is when I discovered that Taylor likes this money and investing stuff as much as I do!

Here are Taylor's two recent articles that we reference during our interview:

"No, the Stock Market Won’t Crash if Trump Is Elected President"

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