#277 Summer Travel with Peter Greenberg


Here's the perfect antidote to Brexit Blues: Talking travel with Peter Greenberg. Peter, a multiple Emmy-winning investigative reporter and producer, is the travel editor for CBS News, appearing on CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, and Sunday Morning, among other broadcast platforms. He is also the host of  the public television show, “The Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg”.

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We started with the basics that every traveler needs to know about Zika virus. Although fear is dominating, Peter says travelers need to practice common sense and be sensitive to germs. Because of the Zika fears, there are still deals for the Olympics in Rio! Peter advises that if you are interested in heading down to Rio, call hotel and ask which organization is controlling the block and leave your name. He also said that economic problems in Puerto Rico are presenting travelers with good options.

Last year, Peter told us to get to Cuba before it becomes Miami Beach South. He reiterates that advice and says that there is even more access to Cuba now, because six airlines are flying there. "Go now." says Greenberg, because before long, there will be price gauging when all of the tourists get there. Spend a week, but remember that the island-nation is still primarily a cash-only country. Peter's big tip: Change US dollars into euros, because there is a 30 percent premium on USD exchanges!

Peter's current favorite European destination is Malta, which is 1.5-hour flight from Rome. He said that you will find history, art and architecture, as well as a classic hotel in the Corinthian. For exotic or faraway destinations, Peter likes the Faroe Islands (between Greenland and Europe) and Indi, which he says is too big to do as one trip. Peter's two favorite hotels in NYC are The Mandarin Oriental and The Lowell, which has the last working fireplaces in New York!

You may want to check out Peter's book, “Don’t Go There,” which helps travelers avoid some common pitfalls. He advises avoiding places with high pollution, crime and alcohol consumption. His hot list of places to avoid includes: Syria, Chechnya and the Congo.

As a reminder, Peter warns not to confine your search for airfare to the web–only 52% of inventory is available there! Amazingly, calling still works, as does using alternate airports, which can also help limit airport security craziness/lines.

FOLLOW UP: I mentioned that previous guest Mark Cortazzo has an Annuity Review service…the website is www.annuityreview.com.

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