#279 Making Money in a Low Return World


Making money in a low return world is tough. Last week, the yield on 10-year US government bonds touched an all-time low and stocks have been stuck in neutral for two years. Given the current environment, return caller Ryan asked whether one asset allocation fits all portfolios? In other words, should you put those investments which are likely to appreciate the most in a Roth IRA, where you will never have to pay taxes on the gains? It may take some some work, but the idea has merit.

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Heather Long, CNNMoney's senior markets and economy writer, joins the show to weigh in how you can make money in the current low return era. Heather notes that most forecasters now expect below average returns for the major asset classes over the next five years. She helps us decide what to do about it. Heather also discussed politics, diving into the question: Who’s better for your money: Trump or Clinton?

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