#281 Does your Financial Advisor Put You First?


The fiduciary duty entails asking an important question: Does your financial advisor put you first? That's what our guest Mary A. MalgoireCFP helped explain. Mary is the founder of The Family Firm Inc, a fee-only financial advisory firm in Bethesda, Maryland and believes in the client-first, fee-only model, because there are “too many conflicts that exist.” As the past President and Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), she is fee-only true and blue!

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Mary joined the board of the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard in January 2015 and has been instrumental in developing the Campaign for Investors website. The Institute is a not-for-profit organization that formed to advance objective and competent financial advice, by educating investors about their rights and promoting best practices among financial advisors. In short, the Institute seeks to change the financial services industry and improve investor outcomes. The web site has lots of resources for investors including: How to find out if your current advisor is a fiduciary, how to calculate your investing costs and to know your rights as an investor.  The six duties of a Fiduciary are: Serve the client’s best interest; Act in utmost good faith; Act prudently -- with the care, skill and judgment of a professional; Avoid conflicts of interest; Disclose all material facts and Control investment expenses

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Here's the article I referenced: Financial Threats you CAN Control

We fielded retirement account questions from Henry, Dev, Shirley; debt issues from Matt and Jean (check out the NYT and ProPubica NJ Loan Program article that outlines some of the ridiculous rules around education debt); and investment strategy questions from Pete and Beatrice.

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