#286: "Equity" and Women on Wall Street


It's official: "Equity" is a now my new favorite movie about Wall Street. Sure, "Trading Places" was a classic, but there has never been a film about Wall Street where not only are women the main characters, but they also populate every role behind the camera. Guest Alysia Reiner (she plays Fig on "Orange is the New Black" and starred in the movie "Sideways") is the co-star and co-producer (with Sarah Megan Thomas) of "Equity" and explained why the movie felt so real: they spoke to REAL women who worked on Wall Street, some of whom became investors in the film.

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"Equity," which takes place in the post-financial crisis era, explores both gender and generational roles in finance in an entertaining and provocative way. As the financial thriller unfolds, we see ambitious women trying to walk the tightrope between being too nice or being accused of "having sharp elbows" or "rubbing people the wrong way."

There is also an interesting take on mentorship, which can be tricky in a male dominated field. Naomi, the main character played by Anna Gunn of "Breaking Bad" fame, advises young professional women, "Don't let money be a dirty word" -- a sentiment that we wholeheartedly embrace on this show!

Women also adapt by using what they have to their advantage. Alysia plays "Sam," the assistant US attorney who is a college acquaintance of Naomi. Sam uses her sexuality to her advantage as she investigates Naomi's firm for insider trading. Meanwhile, Naomi's associate Erin (played by Sarah Megan Thomas), who is juggling her husband and recent pregnancy with the desire to advance her career, finds herself asked to treat a twenty-something tech entrepreneur "very, very gently."

I don't want to give too much away--just listen to the interview and GO SEE THE MOVIE!

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