#288 New FAFSA Date: Oct 1


Kelly Peeler, the founder and CEO of NextGenVest is back on the show to discuss the NEW FAFSA availability date--October 1st! Considering that families leave $2.7 billion of unclaimed financial aid on the table, primarily because they don’t complete the FAFSA form, Kelly says it is important not to procrastinate! Her team at NextGenVest can help students make smart decisions around paying for college in an accessible way. One way they do so is to provide a "Money Mentor" (trained college students) for every high school or college student, who can make the process of applying for college and getting aid much easier…Just TEXT 646-798-1745 “I want help paying for college”

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NextGenVest will send you the list of documents that you need to assemble and will help you come up with your specific list of financial reach and safety schools. Kelly also explains that Financial Aid and applications are two separate tracks and details what families need to know about the merit aid/grant/loan process. Here are various sources of college money:

  • Family savings/income
  • Federal Grants: do not have to be repaid (Pell Grant-awarded annually, so you have to complete FAFSA every year)
  • State Aid: TAP – access for in state
  • Fed/State/Direct/PLUS loans
  • Institutional grant from a specific college
  • Private scholarships
  • HELOC/Private loan

After graduation, you can go to student.ed.gov to learn about repayment options for federal loans and you can also check out the private student loan refinancing market from companies like SOFI, Common Bond or Earnest.

Check out Kelly’s TED Talk!

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