#300 Listener Turned Finance Coach


Can you believe it's already December?  Christmas is just weeks away and before you know it we'll be talking about financial resolutions for the New Year.  Before that happens we've still got a few more shows left in 2016...and on this week's, it's a first: a listener-turned-guest!  More like listener-turned-personal finance coach.

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Before he was a guest, John Madison was a fan of the program.  Already a CPA, John was no stranger to the finance world, but for a variety of reasons, that line of work wasn't exactly doing it for him.  He wanted to do more.  With a little help from us, John realized his real passion was personal finance.  So what did he do?  He became a personal finance coach.

Over time John eventually started 60 Minute Finance in 2015.  The site is designed to educate and empower individuals and couples to make well-reasoned decisions regarding their personal finances, affording them increased opportunities for meeting their personal and wealth-building goals.  John is not selling anything.  His only goal is to educate motivated people to improve their financial condition and meet their goals while maintaining their personal values.

Give it a listen...who knows, you might become the next listener turned guest in 2017!

Thanks to everyone who participated this week, especially Mark, the Best Producer/Music Curator in the World. Here's how to contact us:

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