#302 Year-end Financial Planning Tips


Here's a little secret I'll let you in on...this show, #302, is the last "new" show of 2016.  The following two weekends will be Christmas and New Year's...and I've got news for ya...Mark and I won't be working!  So, as the year comes to an end, it's a perfect time to review some year-end financial planning tips.

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For such an occasion there's no one better than Michael Goodman, founder and president of Wealthstream Advisors.  Not only is Michael a dear friend of mine, he's also my advisor.  There's my full disclosure :)

Michael and I discussed a variety of financial planning topics to ponder before you shut down for the holidays:

  • Selling assets in your portfolio now versus waiting until next year
  • Gifting to charities and family members
  • Contributing to traditional and Roth IRAs (and conversions)
  • Making last minute 529 plan contributions
  • Considering how tax changes could affect you

And Michael has one crucial piece of advice regarding your long-term financial plan.  Come on now, it's not that easy, you're gonna have to listen to the interview for that one!

That's it, that's our last "new" show of 2016...hope you enjoyed it!  We'll whip up some good stuff for you guys over the next couple weekends...stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who participated this week, especially Mark, the Best Producer/Music Curator in the World. Here's how to contact us:

  • Call 855-411-JILL and we'll schedule time to get you on the show LIVE