#307 The Science of Sales and Selling


Before we discuss the science of sales and selling with our guest in the second hour we answered some of your great questions in hour one.  First up was Matt in Pennsylvania, who wanted to run his long-term game plan by us; then it was Harold in Boston with a real estate question. Jan 21 JOM Hour One

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Now to the guest...

As you've heard me say over the years, a large part of working in finance involves sales.  In many ways it is a sales job.  But then again, every one of us incorporates sales in everything we do.  Whether I'm on the radio or TV or you hear me on the Better Off podcast, I'm trying to sell you that content.  That story, that topic, that piece of advice...I want you to buy into what I'm saying.

I've been working in the finance world for nearly 30 years...meaning I've worked in sales just as long.  But hey, it's a science, so I'm still learning.  That's why we decided to have David Hoffeld, author of "The Science of Selling," on the show.

Jan 21 JOM Hour Two

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As David discusses in his book, there are decades of behavioral science research that reveal the specific behaviors that will improve your ability to positively influence others.  The research applies to those working in sales, as well as every other worker, team member, leader and even parent!

Give it a listen, you may pick up some helpful strategies to make your pitch, influence decision makers and close the deal!

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