#309 Becoming a Financial Grownup


We started the show by spending a couple segments chatting with Ryan from Virginia, who is determined to turn over a new leaf and get his financial life in order.  He wants to eliminate all of his debt over the next couple years and was looking for some pointers.  I'm confident that Ryan is going to stick to his plan and will soon be redirecting a surplus of cash into saving for retirement. Feb 4 JOM Hour One

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Hour two is all about helping callers like Ryan become financial grownups.  And so it's good timing that our guest, Bobbi Rebell, recently debuted her new book, How to Be a Financial Grownup.

Working in the financial journalism world for a quite a while now, Bobbi thought it would be a good idea to tap into various business leaders and tell their stories to help all of you out there better manage your finances and pay more attention to your financial well-being.

Feb 4 JOM Hour Two

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Some of those who shared stories for the book include:

  • Ivanka Trump (how about that for timing?)
  • Tony Robbins
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Jim Cramer

There are plenty of others but you get the point.  Bobbi chatted with some really high level business leaders.  The stories are intended to walk you through some of the biggest money decisions you'll make regarding real estate, investing, planning for retirement, debt, careers, health and wellness and more.

Check it out, you may hear some information that allows you to make choices that are right for you.

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