#311 CFP Board CEO, Millennials and Money


We started the show with a special guest, Kevin Keller, CEO of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., to make a special announcement. I am now the Senior CFP® Board Ambassador.  Woo hoo!!!  It really is a match made in heaven and I think you'll understand why when you hear my chat with Kevin.  If you want a little extra, you can read the official release here and my journey to become a CFP, here. Feb 18 JOM Hour One

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In hour two, we talked about millennials and money with actress-turned-money guru Stefanie O'Connell, a millennial herself.  To clarify, millennials are those in their 20s and early 30s.  As you've heard me discuss countless times on the show, those years are crucial to ones financial future and well-being.  A time when young people should not only being having a good time, but also a time when they need to be thinking about their retirement years.  I know it sounds scary, but it's true.

Feb 18 JOM Hour Two

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Maybe you're a millennial and you're a regular listener.  Or you're the parent of a millennial.  Regardless, you know someone in their 20s or early 30s.  Stefanie touched on a variety of topics which your favorite millennial may find useful:

  • What millennials need to know about net worth
  • The concept of spending money you don't have
  • It's all about the lifestyle you want to live, not the money
  • The importance of taking risk with money
  • Planning for retirement without a 401k
  • Investing in human capital

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