#314 Creative Change In the Workplace


Before talking about creative change in the workplace and why we all resist it, we talked to Rob in Buffalo who has a question regarding an annuity and the overall retirement plan that he and his wife have in place.  As you'll hear, there's no simple yes or no answer when it comes to retirement planning.  Each case is very specific to the individuals involved and that's why you always hear me asking a variety of questions :) March 11 JOM Hour One

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In hour two we chatted with Jennifer Mueller about her new book, "Creative Change: Why We Resist It...How We Can Embrace It".  While high level executives say they want creativity and seek innovation in order to thrive in a competitive world, Jen says  the truth is that many business leaders often resist creative solutions and instead embrace the familiar.  And it's not just CEOs, but educators, scientists, and others who often struggle to accept new and creative ideas even when desired. 

March 11 JOM Hour Two

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Among the solutions discussed in the book:

  • A multi-step process to self-disrupt your current mindset and recognize creative opportunity
  • A way to pitch ideas aimed at helping you defeat the established preference for the status quo
  • Tips to disrupt the cultural beliefs holding your company back
  • How to recognize creative leaders who can lead organizations in productive new directions

If you find yourself in a similar situation at work then this is an interview you definitely want to hear.

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