#318 Taking Charge of Your Career


Before helping you take charge of your career with my new best friend Nicole Lapin, we started off with some calls and emails.  First up was Nancy in Missouri, a business owner, who was wondering if it makes sense from a tax standpoint to keep making IRA contributions.  Next we chatted with Asa from New York who wanted to run his numbers by us to make sure his retirement plan is in good shape. April 8 JOM Hour One

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When you hear my unabashed enthusiasm and connection with today’s guest, Nicole Lapin, I think you will understand why we hit it off so quickly.    

Already an accomplished journalist by her thirtieth birthday, Nicole expanded her reach with the 2015 release of her New York Times bestseller, Rich Bitch. Yes, that’s the title. Nicole’s premise is simple: she wanted to own that word and use it to attract people who might not necessarily pick up a personal finance book.

Nicole’s latest book, which is laugh-out-loud funny, is called Boss Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Take Charge of Your Career.  Despite the title of both of her books, they are not exclusively for women. Both are about taking charge, no matter who you are.

April 8 JOM Hour Two

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Boss Bitch is about being a boss without having a business card or dozens of employees to prove it. Here are some topics that that Nicole explores:

Be the CEO of YOU by running your life like a business

  • Think like a boss by being entrepreneurial within an existing company
  • Getting, and crushing, your dream job
  • Be a hustler by exploring your passions and making extra money
  • The nuts and bolts of getting your OWN business off the ground

Nicole is all about investing in YOURSELF, bettering yourself to become better off in life and in your career will pay more dividends than any investment! These are not unique concepts, but like diet and exercise, just a few small steps often lead to long-lasting improvements.    

I had so much fun with this interview that I can’t wait for Nicole’s next book!  I suspect it will have a certain word in the title...

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