#326 Insight and Self-Awareness with Tasha Eurich


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June 3 Download Hour One Here

We started the show with Cindy in Delaware.  Let me just say that we've been doing this show for nearly seven years.  We've taken a lot of the calls over the years and these types of calls are among the most gratifying.  Cindy is a recent widow, and like so many others, her spouse handled the finances. When he passed away, Cindy was lost, overwhelmed and had no idea what to do.  When we talked to her, you could actually hear the fear and raw emotion in her voice.  By the time we finished the call, what you heard was a huge sigh of relief.  Helping Cindy completely made my day and reminded me that the best part of what I do is helping you guys realize that all is not lost.


June 3 Download Hour Two Here

In hour two we dipped into the world of self-awareness with Tasha Eurich. Tasha's new book, Insightaims to find the secret to happiness and success.  As it turns out, self-awareness may be the key ingredient.

As Tasha outlines in the book, self-awareness, knowing who we are and how others see us, is the foundation for high performance, smart choices, and lasting relationships. Without it, it’s impossible to master the skills needed to succeed in business and life.

Here's the thing...most of us know that there are plenty of people around us who are severely lacking in self-awareness.  The problem is we rarely consider whether we, too, could stand to improve on this critical skill. And making matters worse, it's extremely rare to get candid, honest feedback on how we come across, both at work and at home.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Tasha spells out what it takes to see ourselves more clearly: how to better understand what makes us tick on the inside, how to get others to tell us the honest truth about how they see us, and how to use this insight for greater success, confidence and self-acceptance.

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