#332 Making Your Money Last with Larry Stein


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July 15 Download Hour One Here

This weekend we started the show with a unique question from Albert in Connecticut, whose home is considered within the FEMA flood zone. Because of that designation, Albert's mortgage company requires him to carry flood insurance.  Not happy about paying $2,3o0/year for the coverage, should he pay off his mortgage and get rid of the insurance? This was a first for us on the Jill on Money show.

After Albert we spent the rest of the hour clearing out the inbox...and we barely made a dent, so expect to hear more email segments in the weeks to come.


July 15 Download Hour Two Here

In hour two I tapped into my vast pool of resources now that I'm Senior Ambassador for the CFP Board.  As you'll hear in the coming weeks, I love talking to fellow CFPs and getting their take on the state of the industry, finding out what has them jazzed and what they think the future holds for the financial services industry.

This week we're talking to CFP Board Ambassador Larry Stein. Larry is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Disciplined Investment Management in Illinois and he is passionate about helping retirees, pre-retirees, divorcees and widows making their money last.

As Larry sees it, it's a seven step process:

  • Plan Your Retirement
  • Create a Financial Plan
  • Determine Your Portfolio Asset Location
  • Invest with a Low-Cost Investment Strategy
  • Manage Long-Term Portfolio Risk
  • Calculate Your Portfolio Withdrawals
  • Monitor, Revisit and Update

We'll also talk to Larry about why he felt it was important to have a group dedicated to working with women who are either divorced, have lost their spouse or are professionals planning for retirement.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week, especially Mark, the Best Producer/Music Curator in the World. Here's how to contact us:

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