#337 The Millennial Money Fix


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Aug 19 Download Hour One Here

Another week of more great calls and emails in the first hour. We started with Brandon in San Antonio who is looking to minimize tax hits that he and his wife are facing. Next up was Andrea from New York who is on the verge of paying off her student loans and a credit card...woo hoo!!  The final call of the hour was from Cheryl in Massachusetts who has a sneaky suspicion that her advisor is charging her way too much.


Aug 19 Download Hour Two Here

Hour two this week is for all our young listeners and parents out there.  Consider it our latest effort to provide a bit of financial education to our audience.

To help us out we're chatting with Douglas Boneparth, a fellow CFP® who specializes in helping millennials manage their financial lives.

Doug and his wife Heather co-authored The Millennial Money Fix, a just-released book designed to help the powerful generation learn the reasons for their financial problems and also presents solutions to those problems.

The Millennial Money Fix examines the complex challenges facing millennials, like their lack of financial education in school and at home, the rising cost of education and the insane amount of student loan debt many face upon graduation.

But all hope is not lost for our future leaders.  Throughout the book Doug and Heather walk them through a series of steps to make sure they start out on solid financial ground.  Some examples include:

  • Identifying honest and realistic goals.
  • Selecting and paying for a college or graduate program
  • Mastering cash flow to jumpstart your life
  • Navigating the job landscape to do what you love
  • Understanding investments, insurance and workplace benefits

With college about to start, you may want to stuff a copy of this book into that backpack.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week, especially Mark, the Best Producer/Music Curator in the World. Here's how to contact us:

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