#343 Financial Aid and Student Loans with Kelly Peeler


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I love when we get calls from young people who have their financial lives in order.  We started the show with James from Philadelphia who definitely falls into that category.  He and his wife are expecting their second child and they're also looking for a new house.  It's a lot of stuff happening at once and sometimes it can freak people out. James just needed some reassurance and guidance, which was easy to provide because he and his wife are doing a great job!


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One of the goals of this program is to make the daunting seem doable. And there is no more daunting topic than college. From saving for it, selecting the right one and the heavy lifting of paying for it (whether out of pocket or through financial aid and student loans), the whole subject produces anxiety for students and their families.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, according to our guest Kelly Peeler, founder and CEO of NextGenVest, a free text message service to help students navigate the college selection and financial aid and student loan processes.

It’s the busy time of year for Kelly and her team, as October 1 marks the official start of FAFSA season. And that one single form is KEY. Can you believe that more than $2.7 billion dollars, yes billion with a B, of unclaimed financial aid money is left on the table every single year primarily because people don’t fill out the FAFSA form. That blows my mind.

By using NextGenVest, students and their families are connected with Money Mentors who will help coach them through the process and also provide key financial aid deadline reminders, form annotations, and on-demand help via text message to get more financial aid in high school and beyond. Mentors will also answer questions such as:

  • How do I find scholarships I can actually apply to?
  • Am I filling out the right FAFSA forms?
  • Am I allowed to negotiate my college tuition?
  • Is working during college a good idea?
  • Can I still get scholarships even if I don’t have great grades?

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