#345 How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street with Rana Foroohar


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Maybe I'm stating the obvious here, but life doesn't always unfold the way we want or think it will.  Things come up, and more often than not it's health related, just like with our first caller this week, Daniel from Atlanta. Daniel, a federal employee, was rolling right along until he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and eventually had to retire.  Now he's tasked with making his money last a lot longer than he was anticipating and wants to make sure his asset allocation is in good shape.  Here's a tease: it wasn't!


Oct 14 Download Hour Two Here

We recently covered why Wall Street matters, on the show featuring Bill Cohan.

In hour two we’re doing a 180 with financial journalist and author Rana Foroohar. Rana’s book, "Maker and Takers: How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street", doesn’t exactly paint our economic system in the best light.

Rana explores how the misguided financial practices and philosophies that nearly toppled the global financial system have infiltrated many US businesses and discusses how the “financialization of America,” the trend by which finance and its way of thinking have come to reign supreme, is perpetuating Wall Street’s reign over Main Street. The ultimate result? A widening of the gap between rich and poor, which Rana argues, threatens the future of the American Dream. It's not all doom and gloom, because Rana lays out how we can reverse these trends and find a better path forward.

And since it’s not everyday that we have a Financial Times columnist in the studio, we also talked a good bit about the global economy, including Germany, Brexit, and China.

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