Radio Show #128: LTC, market predictions


When you hear "pundits" shrieking that the markets are going to crash or that the sky's the limit, best to run the other way! These folks prey on our emotions and are usually most interested in selling their books/newsletters/trading schemes.

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Frank from IL is collecting SS benefits and wants to understand the limitations on earning money while he is collecting. There are specific rules and limits, so make sure to double check here. The question allowed me to reveal an interesting SS strategy that you may want to consider.

David from TX is a father of 3 and wants to know which education savings vehicle makes the most sense for him and which is better: a Roth IRA or a 401 (k). Steve also wrote in about a traditional vs. Roth.

Dave from AK just had a baby 9 months ago and has concerns about identity theft, which was a good way to jump into a general run down of how we all need to be more vigilant about protecting our identities.

Craig has gotten into some tough financial times and wants to know how to kick-start a plan of action.

Billy in Louisville is in his mid 40’s and he and his wife work for small businesses, neither of which offer benefits. He and his wife will be inheriting 200K and he wants to know what to do with this lump sum. After paying down debt and setting aside an emergency reserve fund, we discussed about how to start investing, slowly…

Candace in NY is wondering whether or not to use $40K to pay down a mortgage or use it to build another bathroom. I vote for the bathroom, HANDS DOWN!

Wanda from KY is looking into an insurance policy that includes a long-term care benefit. She is not sold on the product and is wondering whether she is a candidate for LTCi. Later in the program, I talked about purchasing LTCi through an employer.

Raymond asked about market prognosticators and whether he should listen to their advice. Here’s something to remember when you hear about those who predict the tops and bottoms of various markets. These folks prey on our emotions and should be avoided at all costs!

Michael is retired with Social Security and a pension. His wife will be retiring later this year and has a number of pension options from which to choose.

Thanks to everyone who participated and to Mark, the BEST producer in the world and Christina the intern, who finally returned from vacation. If you have a financial question, there are lots of ways to contact us:

  • Call 855-411-JILL and we'll schedule time to get you on the show LIVE