#317 Being Scrappy and Playing Big


Talking about getting scrappy and fired up...that's what happens when we start the show and the topic is annuities!  If you're a regular listener, you know my stance.  I don't hate every single annuity in the world.  But I do detest when a sales person tries to sell a 79 year old retiree, with no particular need for an annuity, the expensive product.  That's what happened to Victoria from Maryland.  Thank goodness we were able to talk to her before she made a mistake. Next up was Jill...that's right, Jill talking to Jill.  Caller Jill is turning 70 later this year and will soon be facing RMDs and wanted to clarify some things before she has to start taking withdrawals.

April 1 JOM Hour One

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In hour two we're putting on the boxing gloves and getting scrappy in life and at work with Terri Sjodin, author of Scrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big

As Terri puts it, “This is not another book about persistence, although scrappy and persistent make a winning combination. Nothing annoys a persistent person more than a scrappy person who pulls off a classy, unexpected, amazing effort to land the deal, the sale, or the opportunity.”

April 1 JOM Hour Two

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Along the way Terri identifies the habits that will help you get into the right mindset by sharing stories of tactics that have worked, and those that have crashed and burned. Some examples include:

  • Why getting scrappy is a choice to play big
  • How to cultivate your best ideas
  • How to manage risks and bounce back from mistakes and failures
  • How to scale a scrappy culture within any organization, big or small

So put on your gloves and start getting scrappy...and if you swing your way to the top, I want to hear about it!

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