CBS This Morning: Interest Rate Cut

Federal Reserve Bank leaders, working to prevent an economic slowdown, begin two days of meetings on Tuesday. Economists predict they will announce an interest rate cut of 25 basis points, or a quarter of a percent. It would be the second cut this year. I joined CBS This Morning to discuss how this could affect your bottom line.

How to Avoid Making Dumb Financial Decisions

Here’s my presentation from the World Domination Summit as I talked about two main emotions that effect our relationship with money — greed and fear. I reminded the WDS 2020 audience that we have the power to control and take action even when we feel these emotions and that we don’t have to make dumb decisions when it comes to money.

CBS This Morning: Impact of Rate Cut

The cost of borrowing is coming down. For the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates. The central bank lowered the benchmark federal funds rate by a quarter percentage point Wednesday. The decision could make it easier for consumers to borrow money, on everything from credit cards to car loans. I joined CBS This Morning with a look at what the decision means for your wallet.

CBS This Morning: Equifax Settlement

After a huge data breach in 2017, credit monitoring agency Equifax agreed to pay out $700 million, up to $425 million of which would establish a fund to compensate consumers. About 147 million people, nearly half of the country’s population, had their personal and financial information exposed. Equifax admits “no wrongdoing,” and a federal court still needs to sign off on the settlement. I joined CBS This Morning to discuss how you can find out if you’re eligible for a payment.