CBS This Morning: Student Loan Scams

In this week's Eye On Money, we are focusing on the growing number of student loan scams. As many families deal with college financing this summer, the Better Business Bureau reports an increase in fraudulent texts, emails and voicemails about loans. I joined CBS This Morning with what families need to know to avoid these scams.

CBS This Morning: Money and Love

According to the planning website The Knot, couples spent an average of nearly $34,000 on their wedding last year. And while 80 percent of couples say they set a budget, 45 percent report going over it. I joined CBS This Morning to share tips on how to plan a wedding without breaking the bank, and how to prepare for a sound financial future.

CBS This Morning: Mexico Tariff Threat

President Trump is doubling down on his threat to impose new trade tariffs on Mexico. On Sunday, he tweeted "the problem is that Mexico is an abuser of the United States, taking but never giving." Last week, the president announced an initial five percent tariff on all imports from Mexico, if the country does not stop illegal immigration to the U.S. The first round of tariffs is due to take effect June 10. I joined CBS This Morning to discuss how this could affect American consumers and businesses.

CBS This Morning: Retirement System Changes

A new bill just passed by the House could mean big changes for the U.S. retirement system and your wallet. The legislation would allow more small businesses to offer retirement plans, help people contribute to their retirement while paying off student loans and let parents use retirement money to help with child care. I joined CBS This Morning to discuss.

CBS This Morning: Student Loan Debt

Almost two million Americans will graduate this year with a bachelor’s degree, but each student will have an average student loan debt of more than $33,000. I joined CBS This Morning to offer tips on what college grads and their families need to prioritize, and how it's "dangerous" for parents to dip into their own funds to help their kids pay down debt.