Planning for Retirement...Am I Treading Water?


We started the show this week with an awesome call from Lisa in the Twin Cities. Lisa and her husband are in their late 50s and hoping to retire in the next few years. In her words, Lisa thinks they're "treading water" when it comes to their retirement game plan. I'm not so sure I agree with that assessment. It was a good call that required a couple segments. 

We finished up the first hour by blowing through some of the inbox. Believe it or not, we're still answering emails from March. 

Hour two this week features an interesting chat with Jane Barratt, the founder and CEO of GoldBean, an online investing platform that aims to get you started with investing by analyzing your spending history and your financial profile with the goal of building you a personalized portfolio, featuring successful companies and brands that you love, know, and buy.

Think of using GoldBean as a five step process:

  1. A Personalized Portfolio - Start, build and grow your own investment portfolio. 
  2. Company Overviews - There is a lot of noise about companies in the news. GoldBean will distill it down to what's important.
  3. Real-time Advice - The GoldBean Index lets you know when to sell, when to hold and when to buy stocks.
  4. Ideas - GoldBean helps you get started with companies based on your spending profile, what's hot and community favorites.
  5. Education - GoldBean helps you learn the language of Wall Street, decoding what's going on in the news and being prepared for opportunities when they happen.

The Fintech Revolution is changing the financial services industry on a daily basis, and GoldBean is just another example of the amazing possibilities when the worlds of finance and technology collide. 

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