The Price is Wrong

The Price is Wrong

If you feel like things are more expensive, you are right. Despite a slightly weaker than expected inflation report in April, this year, prices have accelerated faster than Fed officials anticipated just a few months ago. Last week we learned that headline inflation increased to a 14-month high of 2.5 percent from a year ago in April, due in large part to rising gas prices. Excluding food and energy the core rate increased by 2.1 percent.

Aunt Jill on the 404: Bitcoin for dummies


“You always seem so happy when you are on CNET's 404!” exclaimed a friend. That’s because hanging out with Jeff Bakalar and Justin Yu is just about the most fun I can have during the workweek. In this episode, Jeff wants to know the real deal about Bitcoin, the unregulated electronic currency and then we field questions from the fabulous 404 fans about index funds; investing in silver; paying taxes for green card holders; and whether it makes sense to be a landlord.