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Aunt Jill on the 404: IFTTT, Apple Earnings, Credit Scores


Check my audition to be co-host of the 404 (Justin Yu is on vacation) as Jeff BakalarAriel Nunez and I discuss Jeff's favorite new toy, IFTTT ("If This, Then That"); failed NYPD hashtags; a preview of Facebook and Apple earnings; and what you need to do to improve/manage your credit score (shameless plug alert:

Aunt Jill on the 404: Super Bowl, Stock Market Correction, Taxes


It's my first visit of 2014 with Jeff BakalarJustin Yu and Ariel Nunez on CNET's 404. We digest the lame Super Bowl, the sad news about Philip Seymour Hoffman, my shameless plug for the idiot-proof Ventev chargers  and of course,  I answer lots of great questions from the best fans around!

Aunt Jill on the 404: DOMA Celebration


It was great to celebrate the two Supreme Court decisions regarding marriage equality with Jeff BakalarJustin Yu and Ariel Nunez on CNET's 404. After all, who else would drink with me so early in the day? As always, questions from the fabulous 404 fans covered a range of topics, including: using a  401 (k) vs. Roth IRA; paying down a home equity loan; and explaining the rise in mortgage rates. Thanks to all of the wonderful fans, who make is a joy to appear on this show!

Aunt Jill on the 404: Google, LinkedIn, Sony


It was Aunt Jill and  Jeff Bakalar on CNET's 404, because Justin Yu was off saving the world. This allowed us plenty of time to discuss the NHL playoffs (you must see the video to fully enjoy my wardrobe choice!) While we were airing this episode, the Google I/O conference was making all sorts of headlines, boosting the stock to record levels.  Jeff explained to me why Sony has hit the skids and I announced my new love affair with LinkedIn.

As always, questions from the fabulous 404 fans kept me on my toes, asking about student loans, saving for retirement, life insurance and assuming a mortgage in order to invest.

Aunt Jill on the 404: Bitcoin for dummies


“You always seem so happy when you are on CNET's 404!” exclaimed a friend. That’s because hanging out with Jeff Bakalar and Justin Yu is just about the most fun I can have during the workweek. In this episode, Jeff wants to know the real deal about Bitcoin, the unregulated electronic currency and then we field questions from the fabulous 404 fans about index funds; investing in silver; paying taxes for green card holders; and whether it makes sense to be a landlord.